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Strange sights


I went down to the river,

To dwell and think awhile,

I went down to the river,

As long shadows,

Cast their smiles.

I gazed into the water,

It’s Deep and silent hue,

I went down to the river,

And shed my tears anew. 

© musicgal2012


Wisdom, Woes and Burdens,
Confined by Oath and Ancient Pact,
In tedious disarray.
A record
Coloured tears,
Scared cheeks,
Forged by forgotten days.
(c) musicgal 2012 Lorelle Press

Guide Dog

Guide Dog

You served your time with dignity old friend. You. So devoted ever vigilant. Never once did you fail to hear my needy call. Never once did you falter. Now I see you more than my eyes ever saw. My blindness has no disability now. You and I, we were a team. A great team. The best. Now, your dimming eyes and mine are much the same. You can’t direct my blackened path, anymore. I shall miss you. I have a new caretaker now and you must be retired. I will weep a Well of tears. Yes, lead laden from the core of my heart, tears. You and I will always be a team. Even though I have a new boss to follow, to lead my fumbling, unsteady way.

Ode to Rain

Rain keeps falling down,

Grass is round our ears,

Puddles lying on the ground,

Not been so good for years,

Can’t do a lot, cause it’s too wet,

Though we will shed no tears,

It’s OK, no need to fret,

Cause the frig, is full of beers !

(c)Copy Rights musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved