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Amazing Grace

Black & White

Shades of Grey

Nature is beautiful

Every way

Such Amazing Grace


© musicgal2012


Strange sights


I went down to the river,

To dwell and think awhile,

I went down to the river,

As long shadows,

Cast their smiles.

I gazed into the water,

It’s Deep and silent hue,

I went down to the river,

And shed my tears anew. 

© musicgal2012

Lullabies & Dreams

Where er they go on tiptoed wings,

The breath of babes do sigh.

Starry tears  and fairy dust,

Sparkle as they glide.

A sprinkle of eternity,

To sweeten dreams anew.

Whispered threads sing lullabies,


In tune.

Haloed shadows brighten.

Blending with the dew.

A misty kiss

Caress of dawn.



(c) musicgal2012 Lorelle Press



Phantoms drift,

In lined processions,

Marching off to war.

Glinting Shields

Share their light,

Lances fully drawn.

Beating drums,

They crash like thunder,

Grasping for the shore.

Salty lips drawn deeply,


They march.

In one accord.


(c) musicgal2012 Lorelle Press 8/11/13

The western sky
Beyond the eye
As spendor baths
In golden rays.
A mantle of elation
A celebration
Of another day.
(c)musicgal 2012 Lorelle Press

This tree received a direct hit from a lightning bolt during a fierce summer storm a few years ago. Flames blazed upon it in the darkness like a besotted demons breath. Boiling its sap along its slender arms and deep into the earth.  It still stands as a sullen monument to natures fury. Charred dust, slowly crumbling as if by some unfatheramble will it still refuses to admit defeat.
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

Lattice roads travers green fields, braced by thorn enshrouded shields.
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

There is beauty in everything.
If we take the time to notice
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

Musicians, strike up the band.
Play your songs in the certainty of carefree joy.
Let your symphony of secure visions be conducted with truth.

You’re cradled by the loving arms of this vast and timeless land.
You slumber undisturbed just as when life began.
You stretch beyond the distance focused by the eyes.
Your quilted flowers blended to match the carpet of the sky.

(c) musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved

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