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” W A V E S “



Phantoms drift,

In lined processions,

Marching off to war.

Glinting Shields

Share their light,

Lances fully drawn.

Beating drums,

They crash like thunder,

Grasping for the shore.

Salty lips drawn deeply,


They march.

In one accord.


(c) musicgal2012 Lorelle Press 8/11/13


If Pa is older than the Queen, does that mean he's the "King" ?

If Pa is older than the Queen, does that mean he’s the “King” ?

Young son Jordan sits deep in contemplation. Nan’s 80th birthday has just passed and he’s got a lot on his mind. “Mum”, he asks. Pa’s older than Nan isn’t he?” “Yes” comes the intrigued motherly reply. “How old is he”, he asks? “Ninety Two, he’ll be Ninety Three at the end of this year”, is the reply. Young sons eye brows rise in amazement. “How old is the Queen”, he asks? “I think she’s 80”, says Mum. “Wow, that makes him older than the Queen”! “So, he was around before the Queen was. Does that mean he’s the KING”? It’s Mum’s turn to raise her eyebrows. “Yep. He sure is”!

(c)musicgal2012 – All rights reserved

This is one of my earlier posts from August 2012. It’s one of my favourites so I thought I’d reblog it.


Upon the tide a restless wind,
Stirs sleepless in her sheets,
Her wary eyes cast to the shore,
Towards the Dragon’s keep,

Head shielded by his leathery wings,
He sprawls along the shore,
Entrenched in slumber, an earthen bed,
And quilt of rocky tors,

Armed with scales of Azure Blue,
Tempered steel for claws,
Rocky turrets crest his tail,
And sulphur crusts his jaws,

His rumbling snores shake the earth,
The beast stirs from his slumber,
Disturbed he rises up in rage,
His roars resound like thunder,

His fire laden breath,
Illuminates the sky,
Rocky ashes shower down,
As he shakes his scaly hide,

The shadow of his mighty wings,
Turns daylight into night,
The reptile gleam within his eyes
An overwhelming sight,

The wind stirs from her vigil,
And gusts toward the land,
Her cool breath to calm him,
Tucks him in with gentle hands,

She sooths him with…

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Photo Credit: Photos.

Photo Credit: Photos.

Whilst sitting in my pergola yesterday evening, a mere few strides from my veranda steps, a black (probably a western brown) snake slithers its way between my two dogs and under the house. Great ! It then plays hide and seek with my cat along the wooden borders that line the garden bed at the base of the veranda. Great !

This morning I’m about to put my horse’s breakfast into her food bin (20m from the house) which is a cut down shuttle on a pallet. What do I see? The same reptile, casually cruising away from me and you probably guessed it…..straight under the pallet.  WTF !!  I had to move the horse to another spot to feed her. Also, her water trough is gunked up with algae because of the sun and heat. To clean it I usually reach under and remove the bung to drain it. It’s so NOT happening at the moment!!

I’ve developed a dislike for leaf litter and any grass longer than 2cm. You can’t see them. All you might hear is a slight rustle. I’d love to burn it all so there’s nothing but bare earth but the council frowns on such things at the moment. There’s a total fire ban and the farmers would not be amused if there crops went up with it ;). 

It would liven up the place though 🙂

Out of millions and dillions of acres jam packed with reptile delicacies why oh why do they want to move in with us?  They don’t “just pass through” it wouldn’t be so bad if they did. THEY STAY !!  I find myself  constantly side stepping them which isn’t funny when there are small children and animals and it’s so easy to step on them.  I feel like a reptile magnet.

 This one’s only about 4′ long compared with one we had this time last year. It was a 7′ king brown which was hell bent on drinking from my dogs water at the base of the veranda steps and didn’t give a stuff if we were next to it. We have dams. What’s so good about the dogs water? Maybe dog spit tastes better than cow spit ?

I’m not impressed !!

Topnotch Pigeon

This little lady has nested about 4 foot off the ground in one of our front yard trees. She is sitting on two eggs at the moment. I’ll keep you posted on any new arrival. 🙂
(c) musicgal 2012 Lorelle Press

Australian Lorikeet Parrots love these flowers because they are absolutely laced with honey scented pollum.. Our garden now has a large flock of these birds that have come to enjoy their special treats on the trees. Their amazing colours light up the sky as they effortlessly glide. A squadran of rainbow coloured fighter planes totally absorbed in their mission to feast to their hearts delight.
(c)musicgal 2012 Lorelle Press

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What amazing eyes. Perched next to Mum waiting for the evening light to slide across the western sky. Squint is already keen to join the night hunt with his parents.
(c) musicgal 2012 Lorelle Press

The result of a lighning strike during a storm.
Could be a good reason not to play golf or shoot clay targets during a thunder storm. I doubt it would do much for the complexsion.
(c) musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

The scared course left behind as mega forces volted their way into the Earth.
(c) musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

Here are the Rules for accepting the Beautiful Blogger Award

1. Thank the one who nominated you

Thank you, le artiste boots, for setting such a wonderful example of blogging for me to aspire to and for nominating me for this award. Your Blog is a wonderful place to visit.

2. Attach the award to your site. (copy)

3. List 7 random things about yourself

  1. I am afraid sitting in my old aged rocker without memories
  2. I “the damsel” was rescued by my husband the “White Knight”
  3. I really want to travel overseas before I get too old to enjoy (or remember) the trip
  4. I love a good challenge
  5. I love animals of all sorts.
  6. I must have a project on the boil or I go mad.
  7. I love being different.

4.Nominate 15 other bloggers

And the nominees are:

naturephoto rehab

Renard Moreau


Cindy knoke

Jillian Carlon




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Patrick Latter


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View of the Harbour side taken from the Bridge

(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

Sydney Opera House taken from the Harbour Bridge
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press