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A tree on the Mehi River bank.

A tree on the Mehi River bank.


Amazing Grace

Black & White

Shades of Grey

Nature is beautiful

Every way

Such Amazing Grace


© musicgal2012

Strange sights


I went down to the river,

To dwell and think awhile,

I went down to the river,

As long shadows,

Cast their smiles.

I gazed into the water,

It’s Deep and silent hue,

I went down to the river,

And shed my tears anew. 

© musicgal2012

Our "not so social" visitor (c)musicgal2012

Our “not so social” visitor

We are fortunate to have some unusual visitors at times. This Blue Tongue Lizard was spotted as he crossed through our side yard this morning. He was very aware of human presence and did his best to look casual, as only a lizard can, whilst striving to set a blistering pace on those itty bitty legs. Very cute!!


©musicgal2012 10/11/13

Lullabies & Dreams

Where er they go on tiptoed wings,

The breath of babes do sigh.

Starry tears  and fairy dust,

Sparkle as they glide.

A sprinkle of eternity,

To sweeten dreams anew.

Whispered threads sing lullabies,


In tune.

Haloed shadows brighten.

Blending with the dew.

A misty kiss

Caress of dawn.



(c) musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

My Birthday Boy and Minty Dog Celebrating Birthday number 9.  Who has the biggest smile?

My Birthday Boy and Minty Dog Celebrating Birthday number 9.
Who has the biggest smile?

If Pa is older than the Queen, does that mean he's the "King" ?

If Pa is older than the Queen, does that mean he’s the “King” ?

Young son Jordan sits deep in contemplation. Nan’s 80th birthday has just passed and he’s got a lot on his mind. “Mum”, he asks. Pa’s older than Nan isn’t he?” “Yes” comes the intrigued motherly reply. “How old is he”, he asks? “Ninety two, he’ll be ninety three at the end of this year”, is the reply. Young sons eye brows rise in amazement. “How old is the Queen”, he asks? “I think she’s 80”, says Mum. “Wow, that makes him older than the Queen! So, he was around before the Queen was. Does that mean he’s the KING”? It’s Mum’s turn to raise her eyebrows. “Yep, he sure is”!

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My apologies for being so quiet for so long. I have been absorbed in my music studies with Berklee College where I’m working on completing my Specialist Certificate for “Singer Song Writer”. I have already completed  the “Harmony” course and am half way through studying “Vocal Technique” at the moment. Next term I’m studying “Guitar Chords 101” which will complete the required credits. By the end of it all I hope to be more competent/confident  singer and guitarist and hence a far better Song Writer.

Practice, practice, practice and a heck of a lot of hard work lie ahead of me before this dream can come true.

I have a lot of stories and pictures stored in my head from the past couple of months so I’ll try “pop in” when I can to post them.

Love to All 🙂


(c) musicgal2012 – Lorelle Press

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Parachute humor (humour, for non USA folks).

A pair of "Happy Jacks"(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

A pair of “Happy Jacks”
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

Don’t let the smoochy demeanour fool you. These birds are aerial assault artists. They zealously protect their nests and their young from everything. If you dare to get too close you will get a jolly good head pecking for your trouble.


Just like most of our native birds their young fledge and leave the nest because they are too big and spend time on the ground before they can truly cope in the adult world of the trees. This can cause havoc for the adult birds as the young ones are very vulnerable to predators and tend to get themselves into some pretty “interesting” situations.


These birds live in family groups of up the twelve individuals which is why they are also called “Apostle” birds. They usually raise only one chick at a time and the whole group protects this chick until it is capable of flying and feeding itself.


They may not win a beauty contest but they certainly demand respect from all the other occupants in the garden, people included. They will even dominate their chosen home to the point of dictating “who” can be allowed to live in their territory and will drive out invaders, especially snakes. That’s the ONLY reason I tolerate them.


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