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Parachute humor (humour, for non USA folks).


Life is Rweally Rwuff…..but ….someone’s gotta do it !!
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This is my pet Galah – Bundy.
He is an absolute clown. He talks and has a rather wide vocabulary. “Mummy’s Bird” being his favourite. As you can see he also dances. He does a very good copy of a rabbit hop and loves to hang upside down by one foot and call the kids names as though he needs to be rescued…ha ha. Lately he has devised a new trick. He lies on his back and holds a chalk perch (helps him with his toes nails) in his feet and uses it like a bar bell. He also does crunches taking turns to hold it in one foot at a time. Got to give a guy credit for looking after his figure lol 🙂

Hey kid, tease me and I may not get you today. I may not even look at you tomorrow or the next day but my memory is better than an elephant. Revenge is sweet and best served cold. Sooner, but most likely later I will eat you and you won’t see it coming. 🙂

I never was a fan of water sports !!
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One good Duck deserves another.
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Things grow pretty big around here sometimes.
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Are you my mother ??
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And you thought the snakes were bad. This is why I WON’T check on the chooks at night ! ! !

So ths is where Golf Balls come from 🙂
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