It is soooo hot today the temperatures are in the 40 degree Celsius and all of Gods creations are panting their hearts out trying to find a cool spot to shlump down in…including me. I decided to try to cool things off a little by hosing the plants around the veranda garden.

My pals the Owls have migrated from the nesting tree in our front yard into a Chinese Elm tree which is just off our back veranda. Like everyone else they were panting in the heat so I decided to give them a quick cooling spray.” Wise Eyes” was not too impressed about that decision so she flew down into a tree  branch that was about six foot away from me and at eye level.

Eye Level @ 6 Foot - "Wise Eyes"

“Squint” on the other hand was even less impressed by his mothers tactics and gave her (and me) the most disgusted look.  Couldn’t resist the super close up pictures 🙂

'Squint" - Less than impressed.(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

‘Squint” – Less than impressed.
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press