Wise Eyes and baby “Squint”
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Owl Facts

Over a period of some time I have come to notice some very interesting points about our Owl friends:

They appear to mate for life as I have never noticed any strange birds coming into their territory and the pair is seldom very far apart.

They are very territorial and do not stray from their chosen place.

Some trees are considered to be theirs and other birds generally respect this. However, if the Owls stray into trees that are not considered to be theirs the other birds will let them know it and drive them out.

All the birds have young ones at this time of year and some would most certainly be considered as food by the Owls and yet there appears to be a sort of truce, a live and let live situation.

The female will not be driven from her nest by ANYTHING once she has committed herself to her mission.

The male will sit within a couple of foot from the nest as soon as the young are hatched but not before. There he remains on guard, only leaving to hunt at night.

The female will turn her body to protect the young ones from the wind and sun. She is better than a weather station when it comes to reading the winds direction. This also helps to stop the wind from blowing her out of the tree during bad storms as she has very little shelter herself.

All the birds in the garden know who belong in their territory. They have special warning calls for each perceived “threat” that are immediately resounded around the garden as soon as something is spotted. Be it a cat, dog, snake, stray hawk or human. Nothing moves without them knowing about it. If it’s a snake or a hawk they will all gang up on it and try to drive it away.


©musicgal 2012 Lorelle Press