Well it has finally happened. Judging from the size of the baby it actually happened a little while ago but Wise Eyes has kept it a pretty good secret until now.  The little ball of fluff sitting directly in front of mummy is our newest arrival in the Owl World for our garden. So far I have only seen the one, it’s very difficult to see if there is a second one or not at this time.  This morning I heard Wise Eyes clipped tones and then there was a babyish reply. I trotted off to get the camera and sure enough there he/she was.  When they spotted me below mummy pointed her disdainful beak into the air as she always does and the baby mimiced her actions in a sweet attempt to do what mum does.  Sooooo cute !!

Wise Eyes first baby photo. The little baby fluff ball in front of mum trying to mimic mummy.
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