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We have had no descent rain for …..mmm ages.

For a couple of months we’ve had to buy drinking water or carry it from another tank as the water in the house tank had been contaminated by tree leaves and dirt. Two weeks ago my husband decided to dump the sour water and climb into the empty rain water tank to clean it out. Two inches (5cm) of scumy water still remained in its base because the drain holes are not set at the absolute bottom of the tank.  In this all the goollies had gathered themselves. Festering in something that resembled and smelt like black swamp soup.   Yummy !!

The whole cut into the side of the rainwater tank by the SES Rescue Services to free my “Bandaged Bear”.
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However the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. The process of trying to sweep and bucket the residue towards the drainhole proved to be a waste of time. The hole was so small and just too high for the water to escape. The Husband decided to raise the tank slightly (with a fork lift) on one side in the hope of collecting the majority of the water in one place. A great plan. Well, it would have been if he hadn’t slipped over. The fall didn’t hurt him but the landing was absolutely horrid. We think he collected the central support pole as he went down because it was on the tank floor next to him. The impact dislocated and fractured his shoulder. He laid in the rancid water moaning, unable to get up off the floor because of the immense pain. The opening on top of the tank is very small. There was no way I could get him out.

The Drain Hole – What Rocket Scientist thought of this one? Note the Black Swamp Soup. Yummy !
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I rang for the emergency services OOO asking for the ambulance and told them where he was. Well the news of an injured man trapped in a rainwater tank certainly stirs up some action. We may be isolated in many ways but our emergency services are equal to any in the city. The Ambulance arrived first but they were unable to do anything for him until the SES arrived to cut a hole in the tank. All they could seem to say to us was “how did you get in there?”  Really, how do you think he got in there?  A Police Detective turned up to check whether there were any suspicious circumstances….yeah, like they think I shoved him in there. Unreal !! I was actually an Amazon in a previous life.

More Black Swamp Soup and a part of the central support pole that once held up the roof.
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All this on his Birthday. It’s unbelievable the extent he went to not to have a party. Around 25 to 30 people were about to descend on the local Tavern at 6.30pm to celebrate his 53rd Birthday. It was 3.30pm and where was he? In a rainwater tank and it was obvious that he wouldn’t be there with them.  Thankfully, it didn’t take long to free him. He was around five hours at the local hospital. Xrayed, shoulder relocated and drugged to the eyeballs for the pain. A most unpleasant time indeed. Around 8.30pm I drove him home. Totally miserable, with a very large sling pinning his arm to his side. A NOT SO HAPPY Birthday Hubby !

He is finding the loss of mobility and the constant pain very hard to cope with. Limited  driving (NO manual vehicles), lifting, cutting up anything food wise, dressing, showering. Think about it, we take so many things that we do for granted. It hits hard when for whatever reason, suddenly you just can’t do them. It will be a long healing process before he can use his arm properly again.  He has a new name tag now, I call him my Bandaged Bear.

A Footnote: I am still carrying water.

On the basis that what you don’t see can’t hurt you. I have come to the conclusion that ignorance truly is bliss as well. It strengthens my resolve that I really am ten foot tall and bullet proof. Right on Sunset last night one visit to the shed water tank was Ok. Two visits….eeer not so much. The company was decidedly unfriendly when I returned. Just as I reached down to open the valve leading to the tap on the rainwater tank a scuttling sound jarred me to a sharp halt. In the corner of my eye a dark slithering shape whipped away  into the grass. Nice ! It seems I wasn’t the only one who was thirsty.

Don’t you just want to find a dark corner to climb into and rock sometimes?

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Macro Lady Bug

Lady Bug
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Summer Blossoms
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Hey kid, tease me and I may not get you today. I may not even look at you tomorrow or the next day but my memory is better than an elephant. Revenge is sweet and best served cold. Sooner, but most likely later I will eat you and you won’t see it coming. 🙂

I never was a fan of water sports !!
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One good Duck deserves another.
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Things grow pretty big around here sometimes.
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Summer blooms adorn the trees in a cascade of beauty.
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Are you my mother ??
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And you thought the snakes were bad. This is why I WON’T check on the chooks at night ! ! !