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Lady Bug
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Macro Bugs

Macro White Tail Spider.
I am so pleased that I am not a bug.
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Daisy Daze
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Last season, this female Owl and her mate raised two babies in our front yard. Recently she’s had several attempts at starting another nest. However, since then we have had two wild wind storms which sent her packing for better shelter. She’s back again and it seems like she’s not going to move for wild weather or for any of the nasty Butcher Birds that are determined to swipe her eggs. I will keep you updated on her progress and any baby pictures.

I was thinking that perhaps the parents should have names. Any suggestions are welcome.

Our female Owl the day before she started nesting.
Obviously absorbed in thoughts of love.
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A closer view of the Bush Fly
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A Bush Fly.
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A male White Tail Spider
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A church in the main CBD

Here are some more “gems” from Rachelle’s recent trip to Sydney. The conditions were glary and mostly overcast which made it harder for her little camera to cope. However, she has managed to capture some great memories of her adventure. She is still talking about it. She is so proud of her pictures and has been greatly encouraged by all the likes she has received from all of you.  She says to THANK YOU 🙂

I wonder if the floors slope like this inside as well?

A wall built during the early settlement of Sydney
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OK, I’m officially freeeked out now !!
This is why I don’t like going outside after dark.
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It wasn’t ME !!

Was that “Capture” or “Catch yer” ??
This is one of our “family” Magpies that live in our garden.
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