My world is not like yours

I see one moment at a time

Each second counts

Each minute counts

Each hour counts

Everything must add up to a precise conclusion

A planned, timed conclusion

Of seconds and minutes and hours

Of days and weeks and years

The result must be as I say

Or, you say

As I was told it would be

No changes

All things must happen at their appointed time

Routine is my life

I am Asperger’s

I must have my space

No-one can come into my space

Unless I say so

You can’t touch me

Unless I say so

You can’t sit next to me

Unless I say so

No-one likes me

They all pick on me

They upset me

I can’t stand them

They want to be in my space

If you want to be my friend

I must choose you

I am Asperger’s

My mind moves faster than yours

I know everything about Lego

I know everything about trains

I am so smart

I can add and subtract numbers quicker than you

I remember lists of things

My thoughts swim

All the time

My energy is boundless

I can’t sit still

I can go faster

And faster

There must always be sound



Even when I sleep

I must have the fan on

Even in Winter

To stop the silence


Must be turned on

I don’t like the dark

I am Asperger’s

I don’t understand you

You say I speak too loud

I yell my words so they will be heard

I shout because people don’t listen

I scream to keep control

In frustration



My sobs will break your heart

I say what I will eat

I will not eat anything else

I will starve unless you give me what I want

I pretend and lie

I hide the food behind the furniture

I cry if you get angry

I cry because you don’t understand

I am Asperger’s

I must control my world


I can’t control myself

Calm myself

Understand myself


Must put boundaries around my space


To help me feel safe


Must listen

When I’m screaming

When I’m trying to explain

When I’m crying

You must

Calm me

With soft words

Accept me

Hug me

Love me

I am Asperger’s

©musicgal2012 – Lorelle Press

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