English: "Stripe" Gremlin figure, le...

English: “Stripe” Gremlin figure, leader of the derivatives Gremlins from “Gizmo” and enemy of the latter. Español: Figura del Gremlin «Stripe», cabecilla de los Gremlins derivados de «Gizmo» y enemigo de este último. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ok, I’m officially announcing my disability. I have “Computus Challenge Technicalous”, basically Computers hate me. I bet I’m not the only one. Come on be honest, let’s see a show of hands. You’re not fooling anyone you know. Well maybe you are.
However, so many times I’ve tried to do the “simplest” job and it just refuses to happen for me. Downloads always set off a major spasm in my index fingers. They seem to download but the snickering Electronic Gremlins smuggle them off into their secret files so I can’t get them. They are probably the same Gremlins that knock off my bed socks, and yes they only take the left ones. Except for last Thursday, they must have been breaking in a rookie because they knocked off the right one by mistake.
I have a theory that these Electronic Gremlins could be in cahoots with the teenage daughter because she never has any trouble. Hence I find myself regularly asking for her help. It’s a plot to make her look good, which she does, so it’s working extremely well – too well. Not that she’d ever rub it in.
It is so frustrating and time consuming when things simply refuse to co-operate. The learning process is annoyingly slow when you have to do it on the trot, alone. I am open for any suggestions on how to trip up the Gremlins and foil their nasty little plot.
They can’t hide forever. They will have to surface someday. The scary thing is, somewhere hidden in the never seen bowels of my computer, lurks an enormous file of downloads possibly shrouded by a mountain of left socks.

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