Upon the tide a restless wind,
Stirs sleepless in her sheets,
Her wary eyes cast to the shore,
Towards the Dragon’s keep,

Head shielded by his leathery wings,
He sprawls along the shore,
Entrenched in slumber, an earthen bed,
And quilt of rocky tors,

Armed with scales of Azure Blue,
Tempered steel for claws,
Rocky turrets crest his tail,
And sulphur crusts his jaws,

His rumbling snores shake the earth,
The beast stirs from his slumber,
Disturbed he rises up in rage,
His roars resound like thunder,

His fire laden breath,
Illuminates the sky,
Rocky ashes shower down,
As he shakes his scaly hide,

The shadow of his mighty wings,
Turns daylight into night,
The reptile gleam within his eyes
An overwhelming sight,

The wind stirs from her vigil,
And gusts toward the land,
Her cool breath to calm him,
Tucks him in with gentle hands,

She sooths him with her lullaby,
And lures him back to sleep,
Standing guard her watchful eyes,
Towards the Dragon’s keep.

©musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved