“Cupcake. I can see you.” I yelled. Looking up from the cocoa and sugar laced mixing bowl. “I can hear you too.” Stealthy paws. Grasp the carpet in a talon encased grip. You shave the woollen surface in a low sprung stance. Whiskers twitch nervously. “I know what you’re up to you evil feline. You know you’re not allowed to do this. If you do it, I’ll put you outside.” Quickly, I toss the wooden spoon back into the gooey chocolate cake mix. To watch it rapidly disappear like discarded space debris, captured by an ocean of ooze. Swallowed. I screech, “No you won’t. Not if I get there first.” I struggle to disentangle my hands from the clutter of sticky baking pans and discarded old cake recipes and pelt towards the back door. Slippery globs of escaped cake mix latch onto my smooth, leather soled shoes. I feel my feet rising into the air. I spin and plunge forward like a Boeing 747 coming down to land. Bang! Pain rivets through my sensitive bottom. Legs spread wide. Carried along by the momentous thrust of unseen forces, I slide.

You ignore my plight. Eyes fixed firmly. Determination glows within you, like fume ridden fuel ready to ignite with a spark. Kinetic forces cling to your sinews. Straining like a missile aching for release. But. You wait. Then with no warning, adrenalin surges like Octan gas through your arteries. You explode into action. Launching like a rocket. Dart, sharp claws imbedding high upon the screen door. “You rotten animal, that’s it.” I curse in disgusted agony as I grind to a halt mere seconds behind you. You sneer smoothly down at me bathing in the glow of victory. Chuckling, as I drown in my misery. I rise from the pain zone. Seize the scruff of your rebellious neck and prize you off the door.  Panting for breath I hiss between clenched teeth. “You and I are going to have a chat Cupcake”.Image