The scurrilous beast of poverty,
Rampages deathly fears,
Ashen winds protest their plight,
Against unwilling ears,

Flakes of flesh fall to the earth,
Like salt upon its crust,
A treacherous fence divides the soil,
With decimating lust,

Ravenous forces plunge a blow,
To gorge upon its heart,
Congeal upon ferocious teeth,
Scavenging its parts,

Its workers bones congest,
Strip bare before its throne,
A million silent voices,
Emit a thundering groan,

Vacant eyes of fragment skulls,
Weep rivers in distress,
Privation lurks at every turn,
Waiting for its guests,

To fling away their tools,
And join the sullen call,
A silent watch casts shadows,
Upon its caking walls,

A rapid feast of love,
Would cease its vile way,
Satisfied the famished beast,
Would recede into decay.

© Copy Rights musicgal2012
All Rights Reserved