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Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly…
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press


(c) musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

The view better be worth it !!

I think there may be Fairies in my garden…..
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press


As interwoven tendrils,

Filtered down and passed along,

Through the eye of history,

Written page and song,


Our lines progress entangled,

Sprung from our family tree,

All branches of humanity,

Embraced by ancestry.


© musicgal2012 – Lorelle Press

Lattice roads travers green fields, braced by thorn enshrouded shields.
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

There is beauty in everything.
If we take the time to notice
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

Water Fowl Silloette
(c)musicgal2012 Lorelle Press

Part of a tree that yielded to the rivers forces in January 2012
Taken with my new Olympus EPL3 Camera

This was taken with my new Olympus PEN Lite E – PL3