Diurnal beasts rise from slumber, ready for the day.
Nocturnal life descends to rest, sleep the light away,
Muscle spasms regulating, thudding with the beat,
Arteries trade their wares, with intricate discreet,
Pressure increasing, along an endless chain,
Fuelling a progression, into every vein,
Congested inhalations, merging with the flow,
A wild coursing ride, astride a scarlet road,
Electronic interface, transmitting via nerves,
Punch rapid signals, through intersecting curves.
Interwoven systems communicate as one,
Pulsating with the passage, of moon and Sun,
Along life’s vivacious highways, circadian rhythms throb,
An Engineer’s Masterpiece, perfect for the job.

© musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved
(Metaphor: Life’s Rhythms are traffic)