What a treasure trove packed and filled in every space with delicacies and treats too numerous for the mind to devour. “I want to get a pie. A lushes steamy, gravy packed pie”. Oh the wonderful smell travels through the air to my hungry mouth already. My mouth is damp and my stomach turns in anticipation. ” Oh come on! Let’s run!” Only a block away but it seems to take forever on tiny legs. “Keep up will you! I won’t a comic too.” Nan gave us both 20c there should be enough for a pie and a comic and maybe some lollies too. “I won’t chocolate cobbers.” I love chocolate, the way it melts and oozes down my throat. Oh yum! “I want some of those jubs too.”  My legs hurt and my feet wrap upon the stony path. “Not far now, will you hurry up.” At the door the smell of fresh pastries fills the air and my stomach screams out is disgusted dispare. “I’m so hungry”, it cries! The lady at the counter smiles and hands us our treats, she knows what we want, we always get the same things. It’s our treat when we come to see our Nan. We scoot out the door as fast as we can, back up the track. Our poor aching feet get no relief, not yet, not until we are sitting back in Nan’s warm kitchen with a big glass of chocate milk, our scrumptious pies and tomoto sauce on the side. Then legs, then you can rest. And stomach, you can eat and eat until you burst. The front door is in sight. “Wait for me! I dropped my pie!” Oh it splattered! Its all over the dusty ground. Tears fill my eyes and stream down my face. “Oh no, my pie!  My delicious pie!”

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