The screaming grunt of brakes crying out in alarm rattled through the air. Grinding the gravel into small shards, sending them flying into space, scattering in all directions like small demented misguided missiles. The weight of the load heaved relentlessly, forcing the vehicle forward in an absurd, wild, unruly dance. The rear of the trailer pelting sideways and forward wanting control. The driver clung desperately to the wheel, fighting to stay in his seat, fighting to retake control, fighting to survive. The strain on his arms sending lightning bolts of agony into his shoulders. His spine locked, holding, holding. He forced his foot to stay on the accelerator to push it down to power the vehicle forward. His brain cried loudly into his ears to keep going, keep going. Don’t hit the break! He knew the people in the car ahead were right in his path. He knew it was all up to him as to whether they lived or died. The decision was short. He spun the wheel hard, forcing it around. His whole body against the immense dragging force trying to stop him. The truck screamed in rage, it fought him to keep control. Then with an immense heave it released its grip and plummeted over the side of the road, rolling and spinning, dragging the dusty earth with it. Finally halting, panting and still.