I thrill! Roaring, spluttering engines strike up like the rumbling belly of a mighty, prehistoric, winged beast, complaining about being stirred from sweet dreams. Engine and Octane fumes invade my burdened lungs. Crisp, slapping air, stamps with rage. A Tango dancer in wild abandon around my head. My muffled ears thud in time to the rhythmic, pulse flaring skirts. Inflated rubber tyres lick rough black tar as we taxi towards our take off point. My sleek blue helmet reflects the noonday Sun. We pirouette, a ballerina on tip toes, to face our sky bound passage way. My ceiling closes! Silently! Slowly! Sealing me inside like a solemn coffin’s embrace.

Shuddering vibrations explore my skin as our spread wings devour the distance to flight. An invisible presence casts weight against my chest, forcing the shallow breath from my lungs. We wrestle! Floating, sensations envelop my muscles as gravity relinquishes its grasp. Below us, Summer’s drenched fields recline as in a bed. Snuggling down in a giant, naughts and crosses, patchwork quilt of tar and green. A barrel roll! Hell yeah! I revel in the shifting, rolling motion. Suspended! Upside down! My hands reach to caress the patterned surface below us. For a brief moment the world becomes an unreality, an untouchable dream. Time stands still! How can we ever be content with life as it was? If we could soar forever amongst the drifting clouds, we would be free!