A wistful look in half closed eyes,

Sagging head, heartfelt sighs,

Tired muscles, no longer taunt,

Frail of look, features gaunt,

Stance square, but no longer sound,

Toes grown long, no longer round.


A coat so dull, bleached and shaggy,

Mane and tail, long and haggard,

Idly quivering, drooping lip,

Scars aplenty on sagging hip,

Races run, past battles fought,

Last yarding, for an old stock horse.


In a time, long gone past,

Fiery look, head held fast,

Well kept, legs prancing high,

Iron clad feet fore at the sky,

Through your life, you never faltered,

No rocks or gullies ever halted.


Crack of whip, into the fray,

Flaring nostrils foam and spray,

Race the wind, stop them turning,

Lungs on fire, chest near bursting,

Straining all, limits tested,

Undaunted spirit, never bested.


Now, a dismal sight to behold,

His only sin, was growing old,

Loyal, true and trusted friend,

I share your pain, and would have it end,

Though in peace, you will soon be,

Forever sorrow will be with me.


© 1989