Crystal drops on hanging leaves,

Swaying gently, in a tiny breeze,

Dew laying thickly all around,

Covering each blade and rock upon the ground,

The silent hush of wild bush,

Rolling on, in ragged hills,

So alive, and yet so still.


A winding track not often trod,

Away from City noise and smog,

No-one to witness nor take focus,

Timeless events pass on unnoticed,

Dawn breaks upon no rush or hurry,

Night creatures homeward bound do scurry.


Air so crisp on vapored breath,

Biting chill of the mountains best,

Glowing rays upon swift charges,

Snorting fire across the sky,

The land is bathed in orange splendour,

A brilliant sight for any eye.


Footsteps unheard upon damp ground,

A presence felt and yet unfound,

Silent words remain unspoken,

Souls are free and hearts unbroken,

As one, with each unfolding motion,

No worries upon the mind,

Peace reigns for a time.


Earthly grandeur at its best,

Smallest details to the test,

Roles played by one and all,

All must answer to their call,

Players pass, time flows along,

Still the grandeur carries on.

© Copy Rights musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved