Coldblooded, your lidless glare infuses with serpentine emotions. Spring hinged ribs provoke your motionless pose. Savoury treats pierce your flicking tongue.  Lick at the lingering heat inspired juices, that drift on the late Autumn air. Vibrations shoot through your irritable nerves. Jab at your sensitive core like a bed of pin tipped nettles. Your devious intent compels you towards your unsuspecting prey. You lunge. Jaw agape. Your hypodermic fangs plunge deep into warm flesh. Halt as they strike bone. You ejaculate your puncturing Vile, full of toxic death. Venom fuses with Blood. You withdraw. Jab again.  Again, you insert your lethal dose. Your jaws gnaw as you pierce and gore flesh. Circling coils compress pitiful squeals in a lung strangling hold. Your jaw unhinges, expands. Lead by the faint trace of exhaling sward breath. Your pin tip teeth engulf the small Leveret nose.  Draw in the final essence of suffocating life. You clench. Cabled muscles spasm in a convoluting rhythm. Thrust deep into your vice of concealment. You tease your evil deed along your twisting length.

You bask, absorbing the last rays of radiant warmth that trickle from the darkening sky. Soon, your smooth scales will aggravate and shed like an unwanted thought. You will leave them, as an obelisk to your invisible power and treachery. Meandering, you will provoke your fibrous course. Your tapering trail of hibernating coils, will thread deeply into your foul vault of silence. All your destructive dealings, you will conceal along with your unblinking eyes