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A gentle soul forced to war,

Craves his heart so deeply,

Rich in love yet torn apart,

Tormented by his misery,

His passing days remain a haze,

Forever cast in blood,

A shield,

A banner,

A vengeful sword,

Become his only love.

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You exhale and it takes 2 minutes before the fog clears

The dog grunts beneaths its rug and refuses to get out of bed.

The cat screams “mine” and cements itself in front of the heater

Nothing you do can shake the purple hue from your palms and finger tips

The toilet is free….of those that play music and games on Dsi’s during their stay

You move the garden hose…and it snaps in half

Your coffee is already too cold …when you just poured it

Crack happy PJ’s are now your best friends

The white carpet on the lawn isn’t just because the windows need a dusting

(c) musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved

Diurnal beasts rise from slumber, ready for the day.
Nocturnal life descends to rest, sleep the light away,
Muscle spasms regulating, thudding with the beat,
Arteries trade their wares, with intricate discreet,
Pressure increasing, along an endless chain,
Fuelling a progression, into every vein,
Congested inhalations, merging with the flow,
A wild coursing ride, astride a scarlet road,
Electronic interface, transmitting via nerves,
Punch rapid signals, through intersecting curves.
Interwoven systems communicate as one,
Pulsating with the passage, of moon and Sun,
Along life’s vivacious highways, circadian rhythms throb,
An Engineer’s Masterpiece, perfect for the job.

© musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved
(Metaphor: Life’s Rhythms are traffic)

Ode to Peace

Angry wind of my heart be still,
My soul seeks refuge in calm waters,
Play to me,
Caress my ears with song,
Lull my mind to sleep,

©musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved

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You’re cradled by the loving arms of this vast and timeless land.
You slumber undisturbed just as when life began.
You stretch beyond the distance focused by the eyes.
Your quilted flowers blended to match the carpet of the sky.

(c) musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved

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When “Anty Pheromone” comes to call,
We just can’t sit still
Her perfume entreat us,
To follow in her drill,

We play marching soldiers,
In organised parade,
Straight through kitchen cupboards,
Window sills and shades,

In winding complex tunnels,
We descend along the halls,
Our sticky feet unite us,
As we climb upon the walls,

Straight into the bathroom,
We spiral down the drain,
Leaving phero perfume,
To track the way we came,

Trudging in the down pipe,
Stamping mucky feet,
Tapping with our feelers,
To find the place we seek,

Then we’re in the garden,
And do the strangest thing,
We form a line with food scraps
And run around the bin,

Our insect eyes rotating,
Seek borders from afar,
Antennae ever sweeping,
Locate signals with radar,

With Queenly wings a flutter,
Heavy packs upon our backs,
We’re off to build new colonies,
Never crossing over tracks,

Upon a hill we settle in,
And dig with rapid pace,
Our tri-paired legs retreating,
Beneath the earthen waste,

We build a mighty city,
Just to suit a Queen,
Interweaving chambers,
Such has not been seen,

Playtime has to end,
Our Anty has to go,
Saluting our platoon,
We’re glad because we know,

Although the Sun has waned,
And we must march to bed,
We’ll continue our parade,
When, Anty Pheromone calls again.

(c) musicgal2012 All rights reserved

Titanic Warlords


Mighty Titans rise to war enveloping the land.

Ponderous, bearing massive swords slicing rancid air.

The clash of steel and resounding roars strike fear into the heart.

Moon beams shatter from their grace descending and depart.

Jealous stars shine aloft like diamonds in the night.

 Seated firmly on their throne their eyes upon the fight


(c) musicgal2012 all rights reserved

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Life's Twilight Years

Soothing arms of retiring light,
Entwine, encircle sweetly,
Delicate wisps of tepid breath,
Caress the Earth completely

Swaying golden grasses twirl in seed laiden skirts.

Hula dancers gyrating their curvaceous hips in time with the early morning summers breeze.

How could I sleep in and miss this sight?

The warming sun scatters its growing light in rivers chasing away the slithering darkness of the night.

I revel in the energy from its radiating glow.

Birds swirl and hover on silently beating wings, seeking their juicey, crawling breakfast amongst the shifting stems.

If I were a bird I’d spread my wings and fly high up into the turquoise sky.

Taking in all the views to the ends of the Earth, soaring and swaying along with the currents.

No shadows to cover my eyes, nothing to block my view.

I would be free!


© Copy Rights musicgal2012
All Rights Reserved
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Once again I felt that familiar feeling as thick molasses settled itself in my fact saturated mind.

My intricate thoughts smothered beneath its dense sugar laced fermentation.

Everything I learned suddenly distilled into an alcoholic haze.

(c)Copy Rights musicgal2012 All Rights Reserved